If you are like me, then you’re on a budget. Or you’re just plain poor. Well, not poor…but…well, just very selective on where you spend your monies. Let me introduce you to Munique. Maybe you’ve heard of this store before, maybe not but I found this store a few days ago when I bought their skinny jeans and was amazed at how perfect they are. Just like this new Curved Hoodie. It comes in a bunch of colours and has like, built in boobs. Which is awesome cause who doesn’t like nicely shaped boobs? You know how I mentioned the budget part…well, get ready for this…everything is so inexpensive at Munique! I’m pretty sure everything is under 200$L. Soooo, why would you not shop there? Especially if you don’t have an unlimited supply of money.


What I Got On //
>TRUTH< Mayim w/Roots
Izzie’s – Oversized Sunglasses
DeeTalez – Teeth with tongue
Munique. Curved Hoodie
:: Howl :: – Star Rope bracelet
Munique. Skinny Pants
Slink Avatar Enhancement Hands – Casual

Standing Like //
Glitterati – long hair 3


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