Someone (sorry I forget) did a blog post/challenge (again, I forget sorry!) about “personal style”.  I started to think about my style, or lack thereof, on SL and if it reflects my personal style.  In a way, I guess it does because I wear what I like and that is basically someone’s personal style isn’t it? Here’s the catch though, most of what I wear in SL I would never wear (or can’t wear because I am “curvy” gal) in RL. That’s one of the most appealing things about SL for me. I can wear what I can’t in RL…and look good most of the time! I decided to show off a small glimpse of my personal RL style. It’s very casual. I’m a big fan of jeans and comfy shirts. And ball caps. Definitely ball caps. Admiral Spicy is closing and have a closing sale, so like…great mesh clothing for realllllly cheap! Like these Loose Mesh Jeans. These are definitely something I would wear in RL. I love how these jeans look in the front but I REALLY hate the back of them. There’s something off about it but for the price, I am not going to complain. There’s definitely tons of great items at Admiral Spicy to show your personal style, so go get some before it’s too late!


What I Got On //!Admiral Spicy! // Loose Mesh Jeans
*chronokit* // Long T Shirts
DECO // MESH Classic Sneaks
TRUTH HAIR // Jolene

Standing Like //
Exposeur // I love being a girl! 30


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