The Fantasy Gacha Carnival (or Fair? I’ve seen it called both so I’m not really sure) opens tomorrow and it’s filled with amazing gacha goodness. Over 40 Designers participating created unique items that have not been sold in store before. The Carnival/Fair runs for the entire month of October. You can find more information about the fair on their website. I had to control myself or else I would have gone broke playing Cellar Door‘s The Witches Familiar Hood gacha. I want them alllllllllll. (I will trade anyone who gets the rare! Just saying). One of the great rope harness makers, Haste has two machines set up, one for a rope harness and another for a dress that kind of reminds me of The Fifth Element.


La petite morte has 20 mesh eyes up for grabs (15 commons, 5 rares). The Intensity eyes are perfect to complete your fantasy look.


What I Got On //
Glam Affair – Zara – Black Phoenix (Group Gift)
PMD – Faded Warpaint 2
[ PXL ] Mouth open Addon
.la petite morte. gray stripe lips
Demise of Flight – Southern Cross Hip Tattoo
.la petite morte. intensity eyes-midnight (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
~CD~ Witches Familiar Hood EggNog  (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
>TRUTH< Elisha w/Roots
[Haste] Rope Harness 3 M – Gray (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)
[The Forge] Viking Bracer Copper  (Fantasy Gacha Carnival)

Standing Like //

On Location//
Small town Green


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