1015 – Fresh Look.

Ever since I found out about Glam Affair, that’s been my skin. Hands down. GA could do no wrong. But since I got the new shape, I started checking out other skins. Enter DeeTaleZ. They recently had a flash sale, select skins for 99L in limited quantities. Naturally, I dropped everything I was doing when I found out and went to see what was still available. I picked up two skins that I’ve been looking at, Holly and Jaz. I really adore Jaz, even though I find I look a little bit like Kim Kardashian. That’s probably just me though. The only issues that I have with DeeTaleZ is that (in my opinion) the prices for appliers are over priced. Like take Glam Affair, hand and feet appliers are sold by skintone for 95L each. DeeTaleZ sells the Delicious skin appliers for 320L but you get all skintones. Sure, it’s “technically” a good deal because you’re getting all skintones but I think most people only need/use one tone. So personally, I was a little annoyed that I couldn’t just purchase the caramel tone at say, 95L instead of 320L for all tones that I’ll never use. That is really my only big issue with DeeTaleZ. I adore the skin though and extremely happy with my purchase!


I’ll be updating the basics with my new look.

What I Got On //Truth – Jolene
DECO – Shells Of War
Grasp – Fur Hooded Jacket


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