erratic has two new releases including the new keira shirt. To me, the shirts seem similar to their previous amy silk blouse but the new keira shirt comes in plaid so clearly, I had to get it…because as we know, plaid is one of three fashion weaknesses for me. I’ve noticed that last few shirt releases from most designers are the “tucked in front” style, which I’m sure is trendy right now or something but I find it sometimes limits you on what pants you can wear. Oh, and don’t forget that erratic has a new mainstore and you can receive a 30% discount on new releases with your group tag for a limited time.

Truth did the usual three hair release on a couple weeks ago, and without even trying the demo (which sometimes is pretty risky with hair), I bought Katya. Because, again, as we know any hat/hair combo on SL, I’m gonna buy it. Especially when it’s a toque! It’s the Canadian in me. I know they new colour tones have been out for a while but I’m really loving them and the new hud is so simple to use.


What I Got On//
[MANDALA] Hokusai Bracelet
DECO – MESH Shells of War Necklace
erratic / keira – shirt / blue plaid
Maitreya Flare Jeans #2

Standing Like//
Bounce This Poses – Seductive 6

On Location//
Trailer Park


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