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Just a quick little post before I’m off for the weekend to show you some cute shoes! fri.day has a special two pack of “never released / possibly pre-release” Joan.Heels (shown on right) made for SLink’s High feet. The two pack includes Sailor (blue) and Rosebud (red) for 50L as part of Fifty Linden Friday! CandyDoll has a new group gift since this amazing store has reach 1000 “Likes” on Facebook. Made for Slink’s Medium feet, Raviosa (shown on left) is only available to group members. Currently, the group is free to join, but there will be a fee soon so join now while you can!

shoesI’m also loving this round of Collabor88! I just love the look of everything especially Hucci‘s Pinup Peeps (shown in center above) which are available in thirteen delicious styles. The bow is just oh-so-cute! I’m not a big high waisted jean type person, but the Leah High-Waisted Skinny Jeans from Tee*fy seem to complete the “vintage” look when matched with Tres Blah‘s Bardot Halter Top.




Normally, I don’t blog about houses/skyboxes/furniture because I’m homeless in SL. But I felt like I needed to show some of the awesome items that were available for 50L yesterday as part of Fifty Linden Friday (FLF). If you don’t know what FLF is, basically every Friday a dozen or so designers put out an item for 50L and usually it’s an exclusive colour. This is where the trouble started for me. Vespertine had this really cool looking Equinox Skyloft that I just had to have (I mean 50L? How can I say no?). Throw in a sofa from LISP Bazaar, a pouffe from Zigana, and armchairs from what next and I was half way from having a full furnished space.

Buying furniture in SL for me becomes a real problem during the winter season because so many great designers start putting out items that include deer, moose, and/or antlers and that is one of my weaknesses when it comes to decor. So I end up buying things that I have no use for just because it looks pretty!

attic_I realize I should have done this post yesterday since it is essentially about Fifty Linden Friday (I logged on really late so I wasn’t going to attempt to write at 2am) but sometimes, if you go early on Saturday morning, the item is still available for 50L because the designer hasn’t set the price back to regular price! Just a little FYI.