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If you are like me and have NO idea how to get water to look good/amazing in SL, well have I got the thing for you! Actually, Strawberry Singh has the thing for you. I’m starting to look at Berry’s website more and more lately because it really is full of amazing finds and tips/tricks, like Flaming Pear’s Flood Photoshop Plug-In. This little plug-in creates amazing water with even more amazing reflections. When I saw it, I had to try it out because I always wanted a cool picture with water. Not sure if I achieved that but I’m pretty proud of this picture.




I was cool with hangin’ around
Now I got plans bigger than this town
Sayin’ things I ain’t never said
And bein’ with her every chance I get
Heard the old man say “Son when you know,
Hold on tight and don’t let go”
– Luke Bryan

less than threeWhat I Got On //
TRUTH Hair – Electra (Collabor88)
[PF] – Harley

What He’s Got On//
TRUTH Hair – Joel
Apple Fall – Cotton Pants

Standing Like//
!bang – Less Than Three


You have heard that The Boobies Show and The Azz Show have merged together to become The Big Show (see the connection there? Boobies…Azz…both are…well, you know). Cynful has their super cute Shimmy Top in awesome ombre colours. Tango appliers are included with each top which is HUD controlled to show/hide straps and change the colour from black or white. The 8 colours will be available Feb 8 at the newly formed Big Show.

cynful_What I Got On //
[Pink Fuel] Harley <Latte>
.Pekka. Bullet Chain necklace GOLD – Big
DECO – MESH Her Warrior Watch
(TokiD) summer nights cardigan (oh deer)
[Cynful] The ‘Shimmy’ Top
[Cynful] Skinny Jeans

Standing Like//
ploom – bones3


Normally I don’t do blog memes but I couldn’t pass up the Black & White Portrait Challenge by Strawberry Singh. I love black and white photos. They usually tend to add a touch of class to the subject matter. Browsing through the Flickr group you’ll see what I mean! So many gorgeous photos by a variety of talented bloggers.


Also, I forgot to copy exactly what I was wearing (the pose is from dfo!) so if you want to know, contact me and I’ll find out for you!


So I have a few more Halloween costumes to show you…or for some people, just regular every day wear! The first two are from Beautiful Dirty Rich who always has great Halloween costumes. There are about 8 newly released mesh costumes for your sexy halloween parties, including a Racer Babe as a group gift! Shown below are On The Take (the police version, hat + sunglasses are included but the gun is not). There are shoes included as well but I decided to go with LaRoo‘s Hanna Pumps (more on that after the pic). I also tried to do my best Lady Gaga with Applause. Surprisingly, I really like this outfit! Everything fits perfectly and it just looks cool. I channeled my inner nerd with Kokane‘s new catsuit, Crushing and paired it with my Rebel Pilot Helmet from Sci-fi Nerd.


LaRoo just released their fall 2013 collection and Oh. My. Gosh. Not only are the shoes amazing but they have a new “Easy Match” system that is similar to other shoe brands. This has been in the works since December and all their hard work has definitely paid off! This is by far one of the easiest skin matching systems. No appliers, no logins, nothing complicated. It’s as simple as attaching the HUD, clicking the link, choosing your skin, and syncing. That’s it! The collection was released yesterday and I highly recommend you go check it out for yourself. You won’t be disappointed.

What I Got On//
On The Take:
Magika – Wait
LaRoo- Hanna Pumps

TRUTH – Harley
+Half Deer+ Paint Splatter
Pink Fuel – Metallic Lipstick

Sci-fi Nerd – Rebel Pilot Helmet
.la petite morte. grey lip stripe

Standing Like//
Bounce This Poses, Glitterati, Exposeur